A downloadable emulator for Windows

This is an emulator of an old virtual console called Chip-8. This emulator works on Vircon32, which is another virtual console (yes, an emulator inside an emulator!). To run this, you will need this Vircon32 rom, a Vircon32 emulator and some Chip-8 roms converted to Vircon32 memory cards, so that the console is able to load them.

In the downloads below you can find a a selection of Chip-8 roms. Also available is a Chip8 to Vircon32 rom converter program, so you can try your own roms too!

You can learn about Vircon32 console it at its website). This game is open source, you can find the sources at the website or browse the code directly on GitHub.


Chip-8 Emulator (Vircon32 rom) 29 kB
Sample Chip-8 Roms 70 kB
Chip8ToVircon32 (Rom converter, Windows) 38 kB

Install instructions

This is an emulator made for Vircon32 console. The download file is a Vircon32 rom that you can run in any Vircon32 emulator. You can find the official emulator for this console here at itch.io, or at the Vircon32 website.

The emulator currently works in Windows, Linux and Mac.

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