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Fierce Soldier is a simple Contra clone, with 3 stages. This game was made for the First Vircon32 Jam, and all of it was made in 10 days. The gameplay music was adapted from public domain material.

This is a Vircon32 game and you can play it on any emulator of the Vircon32 console. If you don't know about Vircon32, you can check my itch.io page here or go to the website www.vircon32.com.

This game is open source, you can find the source code on GitHub.


FierceSoldier.v32 33 MB

Install instructions

This game is made for Vircon32, which is a virtual game console. This download is a .v32 ROM file and to play it you will need a Vircon32 emulator. You can download one here at itch.io.

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