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This is basically the original minesweeper, but with improved graphics and featuring music and sound. The 3 board sizes from the original are here.

The same gameplay from the original is here, but with an added polish layer to make the experience more arcade-like. You also get a built-in timer, in case you want to compete for time!

This is a game for Vircon32 game console (you can learn about it at its website). This game is open source, you can find the sources at the website or browse the code directly on GitHub.


MineSweeper (Vircon32 rom).zip

Install instructions

This is a game made for Vircon32 console. The download file is a Vircon32 rom that you can play in any Vircon32 emulator. You can find the official emulator for this console here at itch.io, or at the Vircon32 website.

The emulator currently works in Windows, Linux and Mac.

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